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Our story

Silai Studio was born in February 2014 with an idea to create clothing that resonates with the textile traditions of India. The label focuses on using various handcrafted techniques of weaving, printing and embroidery to design clothes that are comfortable and simple. in the heart of it is India but the reach is intended to be global and modern.

Our new label 'MAIDAAN' was born in March 2022, out of our love for everything Indian. The focus was to design something for the modern Indian consumer who is looking for a balanced approach towards traditional and contemporary.

Today, SILAI Studio retails at stores across India and through online market places, while MAIDAAN is purely an e-commerce brand.


    Silai Studio is a contemporary womenswear label that works with indigenous textile traditions and translates them into modern and functional clothing. Each garment at Silai is handcrafted and goes through the hands of multiple makers, lending it a uniquely raw yet refined aesthetic. The entire process of making emphasizes a strong sense of collaboration between the makers, each lending their heart and soul into every product. 


    ​'Maidaan' is born out of love for everything that India stands for. The busy streets, the colourful people, the simple life, the undying spirit, that are the core of Indian culture, is what has ins​​pired our label. Our Maidaans have served us as open grounds for fairs, fetivals, bazaars,  sports and what not. Our label Maidaan wishes to take this as a metaphor to serve you with a variety of contemporary things that are intrinsically Made in India and Made for today's everyday India.

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